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Wahoo Fishing In Costa Rica

Wahoo is a thrill to catch thanks to their size and speed (officially clocked at about 48 mph but reportedly capable of bursts of up to 64 mph). While it’s true that most of the sport fish we target are fast, there is something unique about the Wahoo’s speed.

They possess a special quickness; it’s a kind of quick twitch motion that allows them to reach their top speed in a hurry, which makes them uniquely powerful and fun to catch even when compared to other fast sport fish.

Long and slender bodied, some specimens have been measured as long as 8+ft in length and nearly 200 lbs. Due to its similar body type and coloring, Wahoo is occasionally confused for Barracuda by the novice fisherman. However, Wahoo are typically larger and have comparatively less prominent scales and teeth.

Wahoo has long been prized for the flavor and texture of its meat in Hawaii (where it is called ‘Ono’). While it’s deliciousness is subjective, it is considered by many gourmet and enthusiast chefs to be a particularly delicious fish to eat. In fact, it is often preferred sashimi style by sushi connoisseurs.

Wahoo season

There isn’t really a peak season for Wahoo fishing in Costa Rica; it is pretty consistent year round. They are not a particularly abundant species and can sometimes be a difficult catch. In general, Wahoo fishing could be classified as “average” to “good” for the majority of the year, with a slight dip to “fair” during the three months of October, November & December.

Wahoo aren’t schooling fish. They are somewhat scarce and tend to be found solitary or in very small, loose-knit groups. A fact that increases the degree of difficulty in tracking and catching them. As a result, Wahoo are considered to be somewhat of an elusive fish and subsequently a bit of a unique catch for the average sports fisherman.

It may not be the best way to hype wahoo fishing, but we would say your odds of catching Wahoo in Costa Rica are probably about as good as anywhere else in the tropics.

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